Sunday, December 2, 2012

Love Can Happen Anytime.....

Love can happen anytime.... 

In today's world, everything is changing so fast. Daily we see the launch of a new product, new technology, new gadgets and so wonder there is a vast change in means of communication too ! Forget the old 'kabootar way' people meet, chat and play games on social networking sites. Needless to say...they fall in love too !! Hard to believe, how a simple chat can change someone's whole view towards life ! But, it does happen...! Time has as love !! Sharing a true story, which just came across through a very dear friend of mine. Here it is.... 
Boy: hi 
Girl: are you? 
Boy: Good, Thanks for accepting my friend request :) 
Girl: Oh..ok ! you look like a sweet boy. Usually i don't accept stranger's friend request (with a touch of attitude) 
Boy: Hey, now we are friends dear ! 
Girl: Hmmm 
Girl: What happened ?? 
Boy: I hate that hmmmm 
Girl: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 
Boy: Ok..tell me your favourite food. I like Mexican, chinese 
Girl: Ditto 
Boy: Really ??? 
Girl: Yeah (with smile)! 
Boy: Your favourite past-time ? 
Girl: Listening to music.  
and then there was a long list of things...which they both liked. Both were amazed and obviously happy by finding so many similarities between them.
Boy: What's happening dear ?  
Girl: Never experienced this before ! Feeling a strong connection with  
you now ! Describe yourself.... 
Boy: I am a sweet,romantic, fun-loving person.  
Girl: Hey, don't describe me! you copycat !! hehehe 
Boy: Really ?? You too !! 
Girl: Yeah...why this is happening to us? 
Boy: Destiny 
Girl: Hmmm 
Boy: Hey..don't do that! hahaha.. 
I tell you baby...four more things common and i will fall in love with  
YOU ! 
Girl: I had cabbage in lunch today. what about you? 
Boy: 1 
Girl: I like the smell of soil after the first rainshower. 
Boy: 2 
Girl: Oh my God ! this is for sure , can't be the same! 
The only festival i don't like is Holi. 
Boy: Bye... 
Girl; What?  
Boy: Seriously bye... 
Girl: But why....Oh ! Is this same too?? 
Boy: Yeah..Please don't force me to fall in love with you dear !! 
Girl: This is scary! I can never forget this day!! won't tell you the fourth 
Boy: Come on baby...just say it! 
Girl: Nope 
Boy: Ok...i will tell. I am sure, what i'm going to tell you can't be the same. so you will get rid of me. Here it is.....I LIKE YOU !  
It can't be same na!! 
Girl: IT IS 
Boy: Then , can i say.. 
Girl: What ? 
Boy: I 
Girl: ya... 
Boy: You 
Girl: didn't say one word 
Girl: Ok...I won't talk to you now 
Boy: come know that ! 
Girl: What? 
Boy: "I LOVE YOU" 
Girl: " I LOVE YOU TOO" 
End of the story. I named It MAGGI LOVE...happened in few minutes. 
on FACEBOOK...where else !! 

A short story by...Preeti'agyaat' 

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